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Having an On line Marketing consultant helps you to have an external vision to your business and implement tools and actions with which to carry the daily life of your company.

Why do On line Marketing?

On line Marketing encompasses many solutions, the fundamental of them is to have a global vision of the business to be able to develop actions in line with the sector, with your audience and the product you develop.

“The goal of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits and sells itself”
Peter Drucker

We help you…

Normally analyzing your business with the distance of an external and objective person, helps to better define weaknesses and reinforce them.

Keyword Analysis

Not only of your business but also, and very importantly, of your competition. Knowing the sector and knowing how your customers look for your products is essential to approach them clearly and directly.


Tool implementation

In the on line world there are countless tools that can facilitate the day to day of your business. Tools such as Google Analytics, email marketing tool, CRM, retargeting, even paid ads.


SEO Off page and SEO On page

Optimize your website so that the Google search engine recognizes that the structure of your site is correct. This optimization should be done on and off your page. Outside your website you can promote it via Social Networks, local SEO, Rich Snippets, Google my business, etc …


Build links, work link building

Having internal links on your website that relate your pages to a different content is important to show that your content is appropriate. These links must be within your own website as links that refer you from other external websites with authority.

We analyze your website without the cost and without obligation.

Discover the weaknesses of your website and your business.

On line marketing as a strategy

Best way to improve your business, know your costumers and offer them whatever they want Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis.


To have strategy is to trace your path

Thinking about a medium and long term strategy for your business is the best way to think about your company, set goals, carry them out and analyze the results. Working your customers day by day is the best way to satisfy them and make your business work but a long-term vision to interpret your costumer journey, the journey that your clients make to the achievement of the proposed objective, is essential to improve and know what way act in front of them.

Planning in the medium term will help you create effective actions with which to impact and analyze the behavior of your clients and potential clients.

The best way to attract and retain customers is to tell them who you are and what you do. Talk about you and your product so they know the love you feel for what you do, who else is going to talk better about yourself.

The great phases of a good marketing strategy are to analyze, implement, measure and correct. This cycle must be present in your business and perform them tirelessly. Keep in mind that the tastes, ways and ways of acting of your clients are constantly evolving and you must adapt to the audience.

From Alaska we help you think about yourself, align your goals, define your audience, implement actions, analyze the results and correct the mistakes.

Brian Pitman
“There is always a better strategy than you have, you just haven’t implemented it yet.”

We also offer you

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Google Analytics

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Google Adwords

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SEO strategy

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Benefits of having a consultant


Take perspective

See new goals

Improve processes


Professional opinion

Reduce expenses

Digitize your company



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