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Check out the renovation of this tour operator of Thailand who was offered a makeover and renewal of his website to update himself to the times.




Thalassa Tour


Web design
Branding. Brand image

Creative process

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Alaska proposal

Alaska proposed a logo restyling and a website renewal.

Market Analysis

We analyzed the competition and saw their weaknesses to be able to enhance them in our project.

Project Timing

The project lasted 90 days in which weekly reviews with the client were screened.

Project improvements

Site structure has been improved. Seo On page and search engine look & feel update.

User experience UX

Improved the UX created a new structure and reducing clicks to increase conversion, sales.

SEO strategy

The SEO On page was improved with the structure and the proper writing of texts according to the keywords of the business.

Web Design

A new design that helped the user better understand the services and reduce their bounce on the website.

project history

The start of the project was born with the aim of changing the style of the website to make it easier for the user to search. Thalassa Tour had a website full of information on which it was poorly structured and could create confusion among users. In this way, a new structure adapted to SEO was made, by which a study of market keywords was made and the competition was analyzed to bid for words with room for improvement. From Alaska they were proposed a new image in their logo to suit the new image of the web.


Among the improvements that were seen with the new design is that the different pages showed a much higher CTR. As a result of increasing the CTR, the bounce on the pages was also reduced as the design was better for customers. On the other hand, sales were also increased due to the simplification of the purchase process.

  • New sales – 15%
  • CTR – 77%
  • Bounce rate – 45%

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