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Why use Google Analytics?

Your business data analysis is critical to getting to know your customers better, how they use them, how they’ve arrived, and what they’re doing on your website to keep them visiting you. With this data we can propose strategies and actions that improve your sales.

How to use Google Analytics on your website

Google Analytics is the perfect tool to control, analyze, deploy, and draw insights to re-analyze. From Alaska we help you set it up on your website and start improving your business. Without Analytics, you can’t predict and start increasing your sales.

“What can’t be measured, can’t be improved”
Peter Drucker

We help you…

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Meet your audience

Knowing the behaviors of your customers and potential users is an essential part of your business. By analyzing them, you can plan and implement improvement actions. You should take into account your CTR, bounce rate,cart abandonments, the dissemination of your Facebook Adscampaigns,


Optimize and control your SEO and SEM campaigns

Controlling the expense and managing ROI in your Adwords campaigns is a critical part of achieving your strategic plan. We help you schedule product-segmented PPC campaigns.


Align your strategy with your goals.

First you must define objectives or KPIs,s. They will help us to have some objectives to meet and draw conclusions from it. These goals should be clear, concise and measurable so we don’t get lost in the amount of data we handle. Finally we will implement actions and analyze their results.


Perform A/B tests

Trials a b help you know what your audience wants, how to browse your Page, and what viewing options are most successful. Before implementing you must test. From landing pages,to Facebook Ads. Data Analysis allows you to create predictive strategies for your business.

We analyze your website without cost and without obligation.

Discover the weaknesses of your website and your business.

What is data analysis

To begin with, we’ll tell you from Alaska that data analytics is part of any medium- and long-term business strategy. As a result, knowing your customers is a critical point to give them what they need. As much as you think you know them knowing how they behave within your website will give you knowledge and courage in front of them. Therefore analyzing all the input data on your website is an essential pillar in your day to day. Usually many businesses overlook their customers and just sell, however knowing how they act you can offer them what they are looking for.

Luckily in the digital sector we can get huge amounts of data to analyze, since every action your business takes or every move your consumer makes can measure it. Check your emails, your Facebook campaigns, the times your costumers enter into your page or the bounce rates your site has, to give you a few examples.

The journey that your client follows from the time it finds you in search engines to the conversion for sale has a journey that is not always the most efficient or the one you expected. It is important to be clear about the so-called costumer journey or path that our client made on our website.

To do this we have a very powerful tool that can help us in this data analysis, it is called Google analytics. This tool shows us real rough diamonds called data, so it is important to visualize all the information you provide us, however before you start using it we must implement it properly on your website. This task is especially relevant for the good analysis of the data. The process we follow is simple and is as follows:

Avinash Kaushik
“You can only make the right decisions if you know how to analyze and interpret the data.”

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We expose some sercivios that can complement the data analysis and give you better results.

Web design

Having a responsive and optimized page is the second important step. The first marks the strategy.

Google Adwords

Google’s perfect tool to capture sales and make your products more secure. We are Google Partners.

SEO strategy

The third pillar of good optimization is SEO, both SEO Onpage with SEO Offpage.

Google Analytics the solution you need

You have ever wondered which pages are the most visited and which you should give more visibility, when my customers leave the web and you should know why or what products or where my customers come from, which websites or which ads on my networks are functional or what are the areas of my website that visit my public…..la tool that you need to implement on your website is Google Analytics. It is free and effective but if we are not clear that measuring can become torture.

That’s why it’s important before we measure, know that we measure and above all set a goal so that we can modify what we were doing to date. It takes a strategic and personalized implementation to really get the value that Google Analytics offers.

In short, using your data with analytics will make you see your business from a different point of view, keep in mind that analyzing is anticipating and that means drawing advanced conclusions. Cheer up and let us help you, let’s start collaborating together to build a solid and stable business.

BeNeficios to apply google anAlyticS


Control your PPC campaigns

Improve your User Experience

Know your audience


Increase your sales. Sell more.

Improve engagement

Define and achieve your KPI's



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